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 This is the End of the Story

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This is the End of the Story Empty
PostSubject: This is the End of the Story   This is the End of the Story Icon_minitimeThu Jun 21, 2012 11:12 pm

His eyes shot open, lines of red cracking across the otherwise white surface. They shifted about in panic, finding no light to comfort or guide them before his hands reached out to grip and grasp at whatever they could, finding only particles of dirt and gravel through which they quickly began to dig.

Moments later a gritty looking Baxter came tumbling down the side of a cliff, any visible skin gritted and covered in dirt, as well as beneath his fingernails and, as confirmed by a few coughs, in his lungs. He coughed and coughed, retching on the ground before slowly his eyes wandered up to scale the land. It was barren, brown and devoid of life, decorated only with the scattered remains of rubble and debris. The wind seemed to be blowing over the land, but all he could hear was a high pitched ringing in his ears.

Slowly he stood up to his feet to give his surroundings another look. If there were anyone there to give HIM a look, and actually knew him in the first place, it might be hard to recognize him. In fact it was hard to recognize him. He was taller. Definitely older. Hair much shorter than it used to be. Even under all the dirt smeared across his face he looked a bit different. Finding nothing of use in that barren waste land, he lowered his head, noticing the visor helmet at his feet. He looked to it, then to the color of his outfit. They matched. Slowly he reached down to pick it up, staring inside of it for a moment before sliding it over his head.

His memory was fuzzy. He wasn’t sure why he was alive when it appeared that everything else was dead. But he knew why he was there. Another maniac with another plan to destroy the world. Well it looks like this one succeeded, despite every super, good or bad, showing up to stop him.

Only those that were immortal, somewhat close to immortal, or had the ability to escape the planet in time survived. So why was he here? And was it worth it to live alone on a dead planet?

Fortunately that evil genius had quite a collection of tech, including a mostly complete time machine. It wouldn’t be farfetched to believe that everyone that showed up knew about it. A bit of a loose end on the villain’s part. Fortunately for humanity it was a saving grace, allowing someone to go back the five years it would take to stop this from happening.

Unfortunately for everyone left alive, it only seated one.
Baxter stumbled a bit, but began is journey to the center of town (or where the town used to be) to head for the abandoned underground lab. Not even those that were buried deep below survived.
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This is the End of the Story
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