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 Aftermath of the Crisis: The story begins.

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Aftermath of the Crisis: The story begins. Empty
PostSubject: Aftermath of the Crisis: The story begins.   Aftermath of the Crisis: The story begins. Icon_minitimeMon May 28, 2012 4:48 am

It is the year 20XX.

A series of events in South America has shocked the world; killing millions, devestating the land and bringing to unignorable light the danger posed by superpowered individuals as the great good they could do. For the US though, the death of Justice was the heaviest blow to the people: their greatest protector was gone.
The police force, grown lazy from Justice's constant intervention was unable to stop the rampant looting sweeping through the country.

The government, faced with a nation wide rioting had no choice but to call in military police to curb the unrest. The resistance is heavy though and the police force is spread thin.

The CBD of Eagleopolis was a hive of looters; the sound of windows breaking echoed through the streets and mobs of people running back and forth to cars; arms full of stolen goods. There was no sign of police; it seemed that the mobs had free reign.

However, on the edge of the city a line of black armored cars slowly advanced. Water cannons protruded from armored turrets and grim faced troopers marched beside them, shotguns and riot shields at the ready.
Further up the road, a police cordon blocked the entrance to the city, obviously to prevent any more looters entering, as shown by the civilian cars parked behind the black hulks of the armored trucks.

The airport had closed, trapped tourists and travellers fearfully watching the TV news reports of the violence and rioting; streamed live from helicopters over the city.

Elsewhere; people mourned the loss of their hero; despondent at the prospect of life without their protector, they had no one to turn to.

Meanwhile, a wave of refugee survivors from South America start flooding over United States Border; Cars, trucks, buses all loaded with people flooded the roads like ants, heading straight for cities. Shanty towns spring up within hours in the southern cities as the refugees seek shelter and crime rates skyrocket as desperation gets the better of many formerly good citizens.

South Sustan City saw the worst; with a shanty town springing up for kilometers along the main road, bringing all traffic to a crawl, including the military police convoy attempting to make their way through the shanty town to control new arrivals.
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Aftermath of the Crisis: The story begins.
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