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 Your character has an ongoing....

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Your character has an ongoing.... Empty
PostSubject: Your character has an ongoing....   Your character has an ongoing.... Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2012 1:57 am

Because sometimes it's easy to forget we're based on comics; let's try this.

Your character is given an ongoing by one of the Big Two a comic company (DC/Marvel, Image, Darkhorse, you get the idea), think of a name and 3 event titles that happen in book.


Saho Mange: DC, of course.

World's Greatest Detective

"Perfect Crime"
A challenger appears, spreading a strange message across imageboards all across the Internet: "I challenge the World's Greatest Detective to solve the World's Greatest Crime: At midnight tonight; I will murder exactly 26 people in a warehouse in (Saho's Home Town). If the police prevent this crime; 52 people will die. Saho Mange: Find me." True to his word, a baffling 26-body massacre occurs in a warehouse despite Police protection, how?.....The warehouse it took place in was at the bottom of a lake. Can Saho hope to solve this impossible crime and catch the culprit?

"A Mother's Love"
Old nightmares begin to haunt Saho; thought to have moved past then. Without any sleep, he sees a sharp decline in hishe n all across the city. All the victims young males; all of them found dead surrounded by knives; but untouched on their bodies. Further inspection of the corpses would show signs of rape, but other than that, nothing matching the damage of the knives. As the crime causes Saho personal grief, the nightmares get worse and worse. Can he find the connection and who is the mysterious entity behind it all?

"The Laws of Mystery"
When a high profile case for a missing Prince(cess) goes public, Saho receives instructs to find him. Although first appearing to be easy; Mange quickly finds out this missing persons case is deeper than he expected; however, strange texts from nowhere find their way to his secret 3rd cellphone; accurately giving him clues and evidence in what was otherwise an impossible case. Confused, he follows them; until one final cryptic one appears: "Find them before I do; or they will die." in a race against time against an unknown and apparently all-knowing opponent, can Saho hope to solve what may be the hardest case of his career?

Crossover Special - Detective Comics: Clash of the Greatest Detectives.
A titanic clash of the ages! Saho's greatest nemesis, Dr. Mory; has released The Joker with one plan: to shatter the so-called "Greatest Detectives". With two minds as insane and brilliant as that; Saho has no choice but to seek assistance from the only other detective of his own caliber.....Batman!

Random crossovers are always meh.
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Your character has an ongoing....
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