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 Idea for an Ultimate City

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PostSubject: Idea for an Ultimate City   Idea for an Ultimate City Icon_minitimeWed Jun 20, 2012 2:19 am

On the southern tip of Africa exists a town dominated by a dictator.
This comes as a surprise to most people, as the citizens of this town were known to be quite rebellious in the past.

How did this city come under such heavy control then? It seemed that in the town’s attempt to shift into democracy, some of the new leaders fell into line with some bad men. Or, one person exactly. But political power wasn’t enough to rule these people, as previously demonstrated, but it seems that the one calling the shots realized this.

Because of this, the streets of the city are patrolled by a vast army of robotic soldiers. Yeah, that would do it. Of course the spirit of rebellion is still high, but the capability of the people to achieve the means they desire is not adequate. The patrol droids are heavily equipped and possess the equipment and algorithms to detect high levels of energy, the usual warning sign for supers.

In this mostly semi-arid land, this city was in a rather lush location near the coast, making it a valuable landscape to control, no doubt one of the driving forces behind the dictator’s conquest, as once in power the dictator began to reroute those resources. The town was starting to notably suffer as upkeep of the city began to decline and more and more areas turned to slums, leaving more and more people in desperation.

The situation was dire.

(Fuck up Africa. You rikey?)
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Idea for an Ultimate City
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