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 Recruitment Thread Format

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PostSubject: Recruitment Thread Format   Recruitment Thread Format Icon_minitimeMon Jun 11, 2012 2:22 am

The /co/niverse spawned from the combined ideals of randomly generated heroes and villains and the idea that "Hey, this could be awesome." And so it was. We're a group of /co/mrades and elegan/tg/entlemen who made an freeform RP forum for it. The link is http://coniverse.forumotion.com/ and our wiki is at http://coniverse.wikia.com/wiki//co/niverse_Wiki

In order to make a hero or villain, go to http://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Random and get your power.
Powers above or equal to Galactus (for the purposes of comparison) are extremely discouraged, so if you get something like "Omnilock", "Nonexistence", "Omnipotence", "Existence Mastery" please reroll.

Likewise, if your power is unfathomably retarded, like "Obviousness Inducement", it's recommended, but not required that you reroll.

If your post ends in an odd number, you're in Universe 1 and can post in Universe 1 threads or the Ultimateverse. Evens can go in Universe 2 or the Ultimateverse.

add or change anything you think is relevant, or just use the copypasta
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Recruitment Thread Format
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