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 Post Timeskip Stuff

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PostSubject: Post Timeskip Stuff   Post Timeskip Stuff Icon_minitimeSat Jun 09, 2012 8:58 am

I imagined after the end of the Eagleopolis arc and before the Orchid and Hot Spring arcs, there is roughly a period of a few months. Let's say maybe 8 or something? idk.

Behemoth, Val and Signal were all unconscious so they probably did nothing during that time.

I haven't gotten a chance to foreshadow what Synapse has been doing, though. As I post this, the Synapse character is tied to what Gravity Lad is doing, who is MIA. I couldn't shoehorn it into the Harbor/Orchid posts I made since it wasn't exactly relevant at the time, so I can't foreshadow it properly.

I'm just gonna post some shit you should be aware of in case it comes up:

Basically he was at the Harbor's Genetics Lab to research the ashes of Signal and Vlad and behemoth. He knows some stuff about Vlad and Behemoth but Signal's data is all inconclusive. On the flip side, Signal is the only character who yielded any results after a background check, which he wants to further investigate.
He has Signal's goggles, too.

He kept what he found out to himself and used the facilities' other labs to craft an advanced synthetic skin as a disguise, hence changes to the wiki and character sheet, also he has an extract of the mountain rose that killed Val, because genetics labs help facilitate those sorts of things.

Before any of that, however, he was requested to create some weapons by the army. He has done so, but they are prototypes and he has the only existing ones. The nature of the weapons is not important right now, but they are less wimpy than guns since every character appears to be bulletproof. I will say that two of them resemble guns.
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Post Timeskip Stuff
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