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 An Expected Unexpected Visitor

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PostSubject: Re: An Expected Unexpected Visitor   An Expected Unexpected Visitor - Page 2 Icon_minitimeWed May 30, 2012 8:51 pm

He brought up a good point. People who live in glass coffins shouldn't throw stones. Still, it didn't feel like anything was different. Had him being here really prevented, or even caused something Valencruz couldn't have known?

He thought on it, trying to remember everything he had planned to do today. Nothing particularly life-threatening to anyone but still, hidden in sleeping and trench-coat shopping, was there something else? Perhaps Nostredamus had saved him from an otherwise unforeseeable meteor that had come down to hit him? Maybe he avoided another over-eager suicide bombing vampire hunter? He gazed back at the projection of the man, trying to make sense of what he presented; it had occurred to him that the projection probably wasn't even how he looked.

Still, if this meeting did anything at all to him it was this: Valencruz was now going to be much more careful about the sort of insects he tramples underfoot.
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An Expected Unexpected Visitor
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