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 Sugar Tells You About Stuff With Drawings

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Sugar Shock

Sugar Shock

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PostSubject: Sugar Tells You About Stuff With Drawings   Mon Jun 25, 2012 2:40 am

Hi! My name is Sugar Shock and I have all sorts of cool adventures with my many cool friends that I'm going to tell you about so listen good!

This is the first friend I made! Her name is Signal and the last time I saw her she was fighting a vampire and I'm pretty sure it went something like this. I haven't seen her since but we're still friends and when I see her again I'll give her this drawing and we'll have so much fun! Maybe we can go to the beach!

The vampire Signal punched once tricked me into being his friend by looking like a puppy! We had lots of fun riding around the island with the stupid asshole cops but then he got really scary and I left! I don't think he deserves a drawing but I drew one anyway because puppies are cute!

This is me and my friend Zealot! We went for ice cream and he took me flying and he's super fun! I put this drawing on his fridge. He leaves lots though but he always comes back so he'll see it eventually! I hope he comes back soon this time so we can go on an adventure and he can see how good I'm being!

And this is the latest person I've met! He says he's a prince and he's also a fat jerk who is fucking ugly as hell and mean and boring and doesn't want to be my friend at all but I think a rival is sort of like a friend so he can go here too I guess.

Yeah! So those are all my awesome as hell friends! I...there's only 4 drawings. Only 4 friends. Oh.
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Sugar Tells You About Stuff With Drawings
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